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Eos Lip Balm Bulk

Eos lip balm is a visibly soft organic smooth sphere lip balm that provides a light, gentle, and.

Eos Clear Lip Balm

The Eos clear lip balm is a blend of sweet mint and organic sweet mint, it helps to soothe and protect the lips with its effective ingredients of organic sugar and organic oil. The Eos visibly soft lip balm sphere coconut milk 0, 25 ounce. Is a new and unique lip balm that creamy, gentle on the lips, it features a shea butter content and a hi-fi grade of stability. The lip balm as well antibacterial and required no iron or heat to get it to lumpur, the berry flavor is sweet and sour with a touch of salt. The lip balm is discontinued but the price is, Eos lip balm is an all-natural lip balm that contains a rich mix of vanilla and other scents to make your skin feel nice. It's a best-in-class substitute for shoppers who are scouring for an easy-to-use product that is again good for their skin, the Eos lip balm is a new, usda organic line of lip balms that stick well and leave a healthy, nourished mouth. This product is the 10 stick pack! It contains 9 and is manufactured with 100% lips, this good-for-you balm is first-class for individuals who desiderate to look and feel their best.