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Mentholatum Lip Balm

This mentholatum lip balm has 6 active ingredients in 6 different medicated lip protectors. It’s a great way to protect your lip area from the hot weather and the worst of your friends. This lip balm is also great for keeping your lip area hydrated and looking radiant.

Mentholatum Natural Ice Original Lip Balm, box of 6

The Mentholatum Company Lip Balm

Mentholatum is a new line of lip balm products from the mentholatum company. I was first introduced to this line of lip balm when I was using a very first product from the line, aellowx white mentholatum. the mentholatum line of lip balm is new and I absolutely love the colors that are included. I was hesitant to try any new products after my first experience with the mentholatum line of balm, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I was not disappointed with the results. The balm was comfortable to wear and made my skin feel warm and refreshing. I would definitely recommend this line of lip balm to anyone looking for a refreshing and helpful balm.

Lip Balm Mentholatum

Mentedy and refreshing, this mentholatum natural ice medicated lip protectant has a medium writing strip and 12arya perlidinal shades. The mentholatum natural ice medicated lip protectant is perfect for the weather beaten, as it offers a reliable and consistent protection against the hot weather's coming attractions. With a super soft, soft-grip texture and a light, refreshing scent, this mentholatum natural ice medicated lip protectant is the perfect choice for daily use. this mentholatum fondue shining aurora 3d pearl pink lip balm classy glitter japan. Is a delicious mentholatum lip balm that will make your look bright and beautiful. With a shining effect, this balm will make you look like a celebrity. This balm is also vegan and has a touch of menthol to make itius benefits. this rohto japan mentholatum lip balm is a melty, lip cream stick balm that is perfect for the hot weather. It has a delicious, rohto japan mentholatum flavor with a touch of ticklish heat. The balm is also a club grade 25% pa product, so you can feel confident that it's healthy and effective. this mentholatum natural ice lip balm comes with a each pack of three! It is a grapefruit and mint flavor, and it is specifically designed to keep your lips temperature regulated. It's the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their lips all star!