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Nivea 2 In 1 Lip Balm

This is a peerless surrogate for enthusiasts wanting for a lip balm that as well healthy and effective, the Nivea 2 in1 lip balm is produced of natural ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals. It is moreover oil-free and comes In a scented oil-free version.

Nivea 2 In 1 Lip Balm Walmart

Nivea 2 In 1 lip balm is a lightweight, slightly thick balm thatusage: for cleanse, exfoliate, and protect the skin, this is an 6 oz. Peppermint candle which is scented with peppermint, it is with e14. The stick is about 18 inches long and grants a green and white swirl on one end and a blue and white swirl on the other end, it is manufactured of natural, lead-free plastic and provides a five-flavor profile: peppermint, green tea, lavender, lavender oil, and lavender essential oil. The Nivea 2 In 1 lip balm is a new, unique and bright line of lip balms that hydrate and nourish the lips In a mere two hours, this easy-to-use set comes with a honey-in-gold star tin ornament, which helps to the word "merry" and brings the product to a new level of popularity. With its simple, intuitive formula and clear, life-saving benefits, the Nivea 2 In 1 lip balm is a top-of-the-heap substitute to keep the lips healthy and happy, the new Nivea line of lip balms is bright, happy, and delicious! This set includes a lip set with honey and milk, and a gold star ornament. It's a fantastic surrogate to keep your lips feeling sweet and moist.