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Nivea Lip Balm Fruity Shine

Nivea lip balm is a fruity, bright, and energy-giving line of lip balms, this 4. 8 g line provides long-lasting hydration and a healthy wanting time-frame, the line also contains a good amount of shine, so you can feel confident in the know your color.

Tinted Nivea Lip Balm

This Nivea lip balm is a Fruity hydration type that is available in both a340 and 690 form, this balm is likewise textured for a feel and renders a nippy top for facile application. The balm is inspired by the nourishment and healing properties of fresh Nivea fruit, this Nivea lip balm is best for the skin that is seeking insurance against the everyday stress and how to use: to handle this Nivea lip balm, just apply a thin coat to your lips and stay for the toasty refreshing experience. Nivea's Fruity peach Shine lip balm is a fantastic substitute to serve up some life for your days, with a tart peach flavor, Nivea lip balm is good for help you look and feel inflaming. Nivea Fruity Shine cherry lip balm comes with an 8-hour moisture resistant against bacteria and it's a balm made for women who have dry or thin lips, this lip balm is in like manner natural, so you can feel good about using it. This balm presents a bright Fruity color and a strawberry rating of 8-hurance against bacteria and emissions, it's also natural and vegan. The Nivea long lasting lip balm is a beneficial way to keep your look Fruity and bright all day long! This balm comes with a stick lip care, so you can get every last of the Fruity flavor profile into your skin, the formula ensures that you will stay all day long, whether you're hitting the beach or stepping out to dinner.